The Other

We stand upon the scorched and crushed ashes of cultures and societies and call it civilization. We call it progress and cherish it. We glory in the sanitation of our surroundings. The identification, segregation and ultimate elimination of the OTHER is the inertial and celebrated goal of civilization, our's being simply the latest iteration. And …

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The Need To Ditch The Me First Syndrome

Without distinctions, without declarative and vigorously defended ideologies and traditions, there can be no diversity and by consequence, no dialogue either of the intramural sort or the kind one imagines should carry on between parties of diverse opinion and position in a society of intellectual rigor. But those are things which matter little when your …

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Finding Clarity In A Blurred Political Ethos

Over and over again as a child, I can remember having been impressed upon me—what I now know to be quite delusional at worst and well intentioned at best—that we were founded as and continued to be a representative democracy. That we were a nation which ruled itself by its collectively expressed will, those whom …

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How Does A Free Press Flourish When Suffocated By Secrecy?

Chris Hedges explains why we need whistle-blowers and what will happen without them.

We Are Engaged In A Great Civil War

I think that all political conservatives should hate, I mean HATE, Abraham Lincoln with an abiding passion. The kind of contempt and furious anger that Rush Limbaugh has when his oxy dealer is out of town. But it isn't a hatred born and fueled by racism, though that is certainly mixed in the clay, it should …

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Prospects For Democracy

The Internet is an odd edifice, sort of a public square that only exist insofar and as long as we will it. It isn't real in the traditional sense, it doesn't require presence, attendance and yet it remains there, somewhere in the ephemeral ether of caffeine and insomnia fueled consciousness. We log in and out, completely …

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Nice Observation

In a society in which nearly everybody is dominated by somebody else's mind or by a disembodied mind, it becomes increasingly difficult to learn the truth about the activities of governments and corporations, about the quality or value of products, or about the health of one's own place and economy. In such a society, also, …

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Zinn on Global Liberty

Today everybody is talking about the fact that we live in one world; because of globalization, we are all part of the same planet. They talk that way, but do they mean it? We should remind them that the words of the Declaration [of Independence] apply not only to people in this country, but also …

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The Politics Of Loving Your Neighbor: A Commitment To People and Place

I dislike political ideologies, in fact they make me cringe. Whether it comes from the Left or The Opium Den the Right, they have the unintended effect of often disregarding the actual context of issues for the sake of the fidelity of the paradigm. When ideologies take precedence over people, real issues having to do with real people …

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America And Our Little Toy Brain

At this moment, all across America, your neighbor, friend, or perhaps even you, are making or affirming a declaration of war against Islam and often by extension, your average Muslim. And you know what? It makes my head hurt. And if this describes you in any way, get your head out of your ass and …

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