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The Fallacy of Neutrality

…while there is no such thing as neutrality in the telling of history, there is such a thing as objectivity, and the varied interpretations of historical evidence are yet susceptible to generally agreed upon procedures of verification that allow us to challenge others’ reading of the evidence.

Further Down The Rabbit Hole

Let’s pick up shortly after I got married. ≈ Words are important. Without them, our lives are nothing more than reflections cast upon walls by firelight, the shadows gagging our impressions of reality, veiling the truth in obscurity and fear.

A Little Peak Through My Looking Glass

Descents into madness aren’t for the faint of heart, but they aren’t for the courageous either. Madness is the shanty town of the hopeless. We’ve all taken strolls down it’s muddy streets, rutted by the wagons of the collectors of the dead, ramshackle walls built around the broken […]