Do you know how I know that you’re stupid? You think that economic sanctions are a viable and moral avenue to achieve political and social change. Sanctions don’t feed the poor, provide medical care to the sick, germinate a burgeoning economy, they simply deprive and punish the very people the “sanctions” are purportedly imposed to liberate, and that makes those nations imposing the sanctions no different than the tyrants they self-righteously declare they oppose. They also cost nothing to the economies of those nations seeking to export “democracy and freedom”, while at the same time validating their pseudodemocracies by pointing out the misfortune of the oppressed and the wickedness of their oppressors. In all, sanctions are a way to be seen to be doing something without having to become involved in actually developing or taking part in a program that might actually feed the hungry and heal the sick, showing the victims of despotic regimes that the free people of the “great” democracies of the world care more about loving their global neighbors than superficially smacking the hand of tyrants.
End rant.


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