Happy New Year

Another year slips away…they’re not really anything after a while, you know. Nothing more than a notch on the hilt while we slip further into a voyeuristic embrace of bestial instinct. We are the watchers, gathering ourselves around a glowing cube to satiate our hunger for meaning with fictionalized realities designed for our consumption and docility. Truth is much too bright, we’d rather it have commercials and give us a sneak peek of next weeks episode. And the nearness of you…and you…and you…and you; strange and unsettling. We live our lives around devouring, consuming; to sell or buy is all that we have left, culture dismissed with the efficiency and triteness of a jingle. This, this is our legacy, a mechanized and industrial collective that has no use for humanity. This then, is civilization and civilization dehumanizes…

Published by

Robert Andrews

I write what I want. Which might be a bad idea. Nonetheless...

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